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Město Neveklov
Město Neveklov

Sights in Neveklov


The new parish building was built in 1750 – 52 in the time of parish priest Vojtěch Maxmilián Křižátko, after the fire in 1814 a new deanery building was constructed using a part of walls from the burnt parish.

Chapel from 1700

A tiny baroque building, open with four arcades and consecrated to the Virgin Mary. Reconstructed in 2004.

Church of  the Czechoslovak Hussite Church

In modern style, built in 1934.

St. Gallus Church

It probably existed already in the 13th century. The medieval church was barocised in the second half of the 17th century, however its masonry is predominantly gothic. The church is rectangular with one nave and a chapel in the northern part, with right angled presbytary and adjacent tower with a sacristy on the ground level and oratory upstairs, and a rectangular extension of the staircase. The Western facade is broken with pillasters and topped with a gable. In 1790 the tower burnt down. The interior was renovated in 1900. The church was renovated again in 1934 and in the 90s of the 20th century. The abolished cemetery is enclosed by a wall with gravestones and baroque gates in the northern and western parts. In the western part of the church several architectural elements from the 13th and 14th centuries are embedded.

Plague Column

Situated on the square, from 1773 in the form of a calvary, with a portrait of St. Florian and a sundial.

Town Hall

Originally a renaissance building from the period after 1598, later reconstructed in 1885. In the original premises a restaurant has been preserved, the big hall upstairs was converted into a wide screen cinema in the 60s of the 20th century. On the ground floor there used to be the seat of municipal office which was transferred to the former loan company building in the southern side of the square.

Synagogue from 1657

Allegedly wooden building, it burnt down before 1658. It is believed that a stone synagogue was built on its place and later, in 1670 – 80, reconstructed. After a fire in 1730 it was renovated in baroque style or newly built. Nowadays it is a large building without typical architectural features, situated on the northern side of Táborská Street, with a flat ceiling hall and semicircular windows. Since WWII. it has been used as a warehouse and at present an overall reconstruction is necessary.

Jewish Cemetery

The cemetery is thought to have existed already in the 17th century in the place situated 750 m south of the square, next to the road leading to the village of Zárybnice. (Local Jewish Burial brotherhood was founded in 1630). However, the deed of the cemetery foundation comes from mid-18th century. The oldest legible gravestone is from 1754.




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