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Město Neveklov
Město Neveklov

Families with children

Path of the Knight Adam Řepa

You can take children to follow the path of the knight Adam Řepa through Neveklov. After completing tasks from a playing plan which can be picked up at the information center, little visitors will get a reward. The route is about 1 km long.

In Search of the „Drop of Happiness“

A beautiful climb through a forest with splendid views of  Neveklov awaits you. Halfway at the little well V koutech where you can try water of unique quality, is standing a small statue of the well patron – the Drop of Happiness - when you sprinkle the statue with water from the well, you can have a wish and the statue will fulfill it within a year.

The route: from Neveklov take the green path in direction of Maršovice – wooden statue of Christ with a sitting place – gamekeeper’s lodge – little well – then up the road, as soon as you get out of the forest, turn right to an old byroad – do not digress, keep to the right (the green path turns left – leave it) – after getting out of the forest, follow it downhill all the way to Neveklov

To the Lookout Tower on Neštětická hora (cca 10 km)

A pleasant climb to an old lookout tower which is worth visiting although the view from it is limited to one cardinal direction. With an option to digress to see a lovely little church of St. Václav (Wenseslas) in Chvojínek. The route leads only along small byroads and through the nature. Neštětická hora is also famous for its gold-digging past.

The route: take the red path in direction of Benešov – Dubovka – view of the little church in Chvojínek – place in seclusion Roháč – right along the road to the bus stop where you turn left – yellow path (steeper) or trim stone road will take you to the lookout tower – going down take a country road leading from the lookout entrance, after a while it crosses trim stone road – it leads steeply down to the village of Chvojínek - at the first houses turn right – the road leads through bushes, then it is a country road, at the crossroads turn left, the country road will take you to the cottage settlement of Šibinka where gallows used to stand – go down the hill and you are back in Neveklov

To Dubák Tree (cca 3 km)

An easy climb through Tloskov park, past the chateau and along cherrytree alley to the hill of Měsíček with wonderful view of Neveklov and Tloskov chateau, then along coppice to the mysterious Dubák tree which boasts its own head, with an option to continue cca 1 km to Heroutice horse farm.

The route: red path from Neveklov in direction of Živohošť – gas station – park – chateau -cherrytree alley – Dubák tree – another turning on the right leads to Heroutice




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